The staff at Scuderia Castello devotes special attention to traditional local cuisine, mainly with the use of products primarily from our company. In fact, the vegetable garden provides in season the vegetables that accompany our dishes flavored with the aromatic herbs that we cultivate thanks to the Mediterranean climate that Scuderia Castello enjoys.
In this regard, we have decided to enlarge the garden in order to meet the growing number of requests in the catering sector.

From 2013, the crops will be transferred to the farms in Sostaga, a site that is most suited to the needs as it is served by unresolved chlorinated spring water and with the sun exposure to the required result.

We also produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil and a lot of fruit that we transform into breakfast jam or cakes served to our guests.
The meat not directly produced by us comes from local breeding where the selected cattle are fed with fodder and maize flours that are systematically controlled for us to offer high quality culinary products. Our traditionally “poor” cuisine offers tasty dishes that are based on the wise use of the cattle in all its parts.

The restaurant also offers lake fish bought by local fishermen operating on the Lake Garda.
However, our shopping cart is always provided by farms, cheese shops and wineries as close as possible to us in order to maintain the principle of the Km 0 of which we are convinced supporters.
We are always happy to be able to use our products to meet the growing demand for VEGETARIAN dishes: having our vegetables available, this task becomes a pleasure and a passion.

Lastly, we emphasize the proposal in season or by booking our BRESCIAN SPIEDO. Already ranked first in 2011 and second in the 2012 “Best Spiedo Bresciano” championship, we do not fear comparisons, convinced of serving a unique product and linked to the best tradition.

(menu of the day)

Dinner includes an appetizer, a first course, a second course with vegetables, desserts, coffee, mineral water and home wine (half a bottle per person). For children there is a soft drink included.

  • 25 € Adults
    Dinner with water and house wine included
  • 15 € Children from 8-11 years old
    Dinner with a soft drink included
  • 10 € Children 4-7 years old
    Dinner with a soft drink included
(Tasting menu)

By reservation the Scuderia Castello’s kitchen is happy to prepare some tasting menu and seasonal dishes: SPIEDO BRESCIANO, MENU ‘MONTAGNA (pizzoccheri and salty meat), LAGO MENU (trout or “Coregone” with Polenta), MENU’ MAREMMA (Amatriciana pasta and saltinbocca) and many others on request.

  • 30 € Adults
    Dinner with water and house wine included
  • 20 € Children 8-11 years old
    Dinner with a soft drink included
  • 10 € Children 4-7 years old
    Dinner with a soft drink included

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