Holiday Farm Scuderia Castello

We’re located in the Parco Alto Garda  (Upper Garda Park) and precisely at Gaino, a tiny old village on the hills, overlooking Garda lake and the village of Toscolano-Maderno, in one of the most beautiful and charming areas of western side of the lake and for years we run a farmhouse and we dedicate ourselves to equestrian tourism.

Our farmhouse is immersed in a spectacular landscape stretching over 40 hectares of olive groves, chestnut woods and pastures in several plots of land in the Toscolano-Maderno area.

The main house is the Scuderia Castello Farmhouse, with stables, horses and paddocks, immersed in a large olive grove with spectacular views of the Garda Lake and facing the spectacular and imposing Monte Baldo, at about 350 meters altitude and about 3 km from the beaches of Toscolano.

We host 20 horses, 15 of which are available for guests, all well trained for day rides or multi-day treks.

The Farmhouse is born from Giovanni’s dream to create a place where you can convey the values of a genuine life, in contact with nature, simplicity, friendship and hospitality.

Open in both summer and winter season, we guarantee our guests a cordial hospitality, to make it an ideal place to spend active vacations or in complete relaxation.

Philosophy Eco-sustainability

Eco-sustainability is not an empty word nor a fashionable concept for us.  Energy saving policy means for us geater awareness in exploiting  natural resources and more respect for our environment in our daily life.

That is why we have 60 square meter photovoltaic panels on our roof producing yearly about 5,500-6,000 kW, making us self-sufficient in terms of energy supply.

Moreover  we  use energy saving light bulbs and constantly aim at reducing power consumption.  There are expressly no TV sets, no fridges and no air conditioning in our rooms. Due to its position and micro-climate, our house doesn’t need  air conditioning: evening mountain breezes grant pleasant temperatures in summer.

Solar panels allow to save up to 60% on LPG and a  wood burning fireplace chimney allows  to save up to 80 % on heating in winter.

We carry out differentiated waste collection and food waste  composting within our facility.

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