Horse riding

Horse riding in close contact with nature is a particularly intense and unforgettable experience, no matter if you ride for one hour or for many days.  The steep trails of the Park  are always a challenge for both horse and rider.

For years Scuderia Castello has been one of the best  horse riding holiday location  in Italy for experienced riders. But also novice and beginners have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn the art of riding  from the basics.

Giovanni knows “his” Park” like the back of his hand. He’s always exploring new trails through woodlands and  along hill slopes, nothing can stop horses and riders. He guides them through enchanted valleys, crosses old romantic villages, rides up steep slopes to the peak of the mountains.  From there you can enjoy breathtaking views, the blue waters of lake Garda on one side and the peaks of the Lombardy Alps on the other offer the visitor some views of rare and spectacular beauty. And you wish your ride would never end.

  • Outring
    But let’s go step by step. A 2-3 hour outriding, mainly in the morning, offers the opportunity to become confident with horse and equipment and get an idea of the characteristics of our terrain.
    The price is  €20  per hour.
  • One-day trek
    5 to 7 hours are scheduled. Your poor ass will recover at lunch with traditional dishes and some good wine.
    The cost per day ranges from € 100 to € 120 depending on the itinerary; horse, lunch, drinks and instructor included.
  • Multi-day trek
    Even the most challenging trekking can become a pleasant experience with us. The steep trail is safe and you are riding with confidence, but suddenly Giovanni abandons  the  path. The adventure begins ….
    Price per day:
    € 160 including full board,  drinks, luggage transfer, instructor service,  logistic organisation and .. of course the horse.
  • Trekking outside the region
    We are open to explore  new routes and gladly organize riding tours outside Lombardy

Riding lessons

Our lessons are mainly designed for experienced riders who want to enhance their knowledge and improve their abilities  in extreme condition countryside horseback riding. We organize many courses on the topic. But also beginners, thanks to specific lessons, can learn quickly and achieve excellent results and start outriding without worry.

Children above 8 can start their training at the lunge, while a pony  is available  for kids for easy rides in the Scuderia yard.

Beginners start at the lunge calmly and safely. First of all they learn to feel the movements of the horse, to become confident  with it and  control their own balance on the saddle. It is also important to understand the horse character  in order to achieve better communication  skills.  Our riding constructor will  patiently assist you in this learning process.

Outdoor menage
Once  you have learned the basics, the lessons continue in the outdoor menage where in groups up to 4 people the various riding techniques are thoroughly taught. As our riding school  is specialized in trekking and excursions, courses and lessons mainly focus on skills and abilities related to this aspect of horse riding.
“Only for children older than 8!”says our instructor. For younger fans, a nice pony is available for easy rides in the Scuderia  yard.

In Italy horseback riding is prohibited to children under the age of 14! We ask you for understanding if we do not allow your children, even if  with some experience, to take part to excursions.


Horse Riding Week Level 1
For beginners with some experience in outridings. 2 hours of theory  are scheduled to get acquainted with horse, equipment and terrain. 3 hours of riding in the outdoor menage and finally  about 5 hours of guided trekking in the countryside.
Price 490  B&B included.

Horse Riding Week Level 2
For experienced riders wishing to deepen their skills in difficult treks.  First 2 hours theory where you get to know the characteristics of the terrain. 8 hours trek on the  steep slopes of the western shore of Lake Garda.
Price 490  B&B included.

Horses and equipment

Our horses, mostly maremmano horses, are specially trained for  riding in extreme conditions. You’ll  think to be riding mountain goats, though bigger, more powerful and fortunately, without horns. Our horses will take you  safely to the most  hidden and  unexpected places. The equipment is compatible with the degree of difficulty of the excursion and the characteristics of the territory to be  explored. Every year we train young  reliable horses for the tranquility and safety of our guests.

From time to time we are pleased to give these well trained young horses into private hands.

With your own horse

Do you know your riding school by heart? And the woods or countryside in your area have no more secrets for you? Does your horse need a break from competitions? Or maybe you would like to experience something new with your horse, but you don’t have the time to organize it? Then put your horse on the trailer and come to us. The trip can become an unforgettable experience for both rider and horse.

Stabling your horse: 10 € per day in box and / or paddock, hay and grains and daily cleaning.

Prices for rider with his own horse:
Daily outriding:
from 30 to 50€ according to itinerary, lunch with drinks and guide service included.
Multi-day Trekking:
100€ per day, full board with drinks, luggage transportation and guide service.

Additional insurance:
If you need additional insurance that is offered by FITETREC-ANTE Italy, contact us for information.


  • 25 € riding lesson (about 45 min)
    can be booked from 8 years old
  • 225 € package of 10 lessons
    an be booked from 8 years old
  • 25 € horseback trekking – price per hour
    bookable from 14 years old
  • 100 € one day hourseback trekking including lunch
    vailable from 14 years old (for experienced riders)

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