Welcome to Rifugio Campei!

Rifugio Campei di Fondo, nestled in the heart of Alto Garda Bresciano Park, at a few kilometres from Toscolano Maderno on Lake Garda, at 780 mt above sea level, has been renovated and transformed by Scuderia Castello into the homonymous alpine shelter. We are in the Campiglio Valley, an enchanting valley in the municipality of Toscolano Maderno, near the unspoilt “wilderness” area of the Park, location of an important flora and wildlife restocking programme between Mount Pracalvis and Mount Vesta.

The farmhouse is an ancient building dating back to the XVII century that offers accommodation and a cosy dining room where during the day you can relax and read. It is run by Agriturismo Scuderia Castello that applies the same philosophy of familiar welcome towards their guests.

The complex is best suited to accommodate both horses and riders, being in fact equipped with a large stable with fixed items and a wonderful lawn of approximately two acres with chestnut. The strategic and favorable location allows you to make a good stopping point for both horse trekking, being a transition zone between Lake Garda, Valsabbia and Val Vestino, both for hiking in the area.

The structure will host hikers, mountain bikers, birdwatchers, small groups of friends, sport or ecological associations, and above all people interested in a relaxing holiday, away from the frantic rhythm of city life in a simple but comfortable milieu in contact with nature. It will also be an ideal place for a break on long distance excursions or a good base for touring the area on daily walks or rides or simply enjoying a quiet rest and doing nothing all day long.

Rooms are well maintained and simple with a great view of the mountains and meadows around.
We have:

  • a double bedroom with French bed (suitable for a couple or a single person)
  • a double bedroom with possibility of extra bed
  • a twin bedroom with possibility of extra bed

Our project is  to transform an old farmhouse, where a small community lived and was self-sufficient in the past, into a comfortable but as sustainable as possible facility and to preserve the charm and uniqueness of a respectful life-style  in tune with nature and its rhythms.
For bookings and information contact Scuderia Castello. We offer special packages with combined accommodation at Scuderia. The alpeggio will be continuously open from March to October, and  in other periods of the year upon request.
The alpeggio is equipped to host your horse in a stable or in the fenced area around the house.

At our “Rifugio” you can really tune with the surrounding nature.  Following the paths of our Park on horse is really a unique experience. Choosing to live this adventure on horse riding it is possible to experience a total harmony that allow you to plunge into the wild forest with feelings so strong that it becomes difficult to describe and even image them.

Only a few places in Italy permit to transform the binomial man/horse in a single entity that blends into the magic and wild environment as in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

The horse is attentive to every movement of the weight of the rider and the rider is concentrated to indicate the steps best suited to the horse. The landscapes, the colors of the seasons and legends that you can breathe in the stories of the elderly make the experience a moment difficult to forget.

The horses of the Scuderia Castello, prepared with years of working on these paths, are the ideal companions to live in security and peace on your trip.

Horse rides can be daily from Scuderia Castello with lunch at the Refuge or we offer stays of more days using Campei as a step to get to other places in the Park riding expert horses. We are also available for groups with their own horses who wish to visit the Alto Garda Bresciano Park with our qualified guides and our logistic support.

In this case we recommend that you do not underestimate the experience and inform you well by necessities imposed by paths.

You can book horse rides starting from Scuderia Castello or you can come with your horse and  book a guide service with Fitetrec Ante.
Holiday is for us a valuable time to be enjoyed close to nature in an intelligent way and as environmentally friendly as possible. We believe that green and clever holidays are possible. We are planning to become a study center   where our territory will be studied both from the archaeological and naturalistic point of view.

His strategic position between lake Garda and Valsabbia makes the alpeggio an ideal  base both for long horse trekkings and daily hikings in the region.
The project features complete self-sufficiency in terms of energy supply and focuses on respecting the territory and developing environmental eco-compatibility.

The water supply to the house is granted by a small aqueduct that takes water from a nearby stream. Thanks to its constant flow  and position, it will be possible to use a micro- turbine that will provide enough electricity for the house needs. The exceeding energy will be conveyed to warm water. Fireplaces and stoves will be fuelled by wood wastes in winter.
We  offer our passionate work and a simple but accurate service in full respect of environment.
There are expressly no TV sets nor telephone.

In some areas you can use your own mobile phone.


The decision to renovate this old house is born from love we all have for our country and its excellence. This recovery wants to prove that the right way forward is clear and visible to all: to enhance the beauty that exists, without burdening the land with structures that do not belong to it. The soul of Campei di Fondo will allow all those who are able to discover it, to spend, out of time and away from the hustle, a period of life in contact with their spirit in harmony with the beautiful natural setting of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.

The alpine shelter uses hydropower and in part solar photovoltaic to provide services and basic amenities to the guests. By choice we have eliminated some services such as television and wi-fi to support, in respect of the environment, the possibility to communicate more with nature and the forest that surrounds the building. In some areas you can use your own mobile phone.

The house has spring water which, due to its constant flow rate and to the difference in level elevation, offers both running water for the health needs and a small but steady production of electricity by the use of a micro turbine. The energy produced is stored in a set of batteries that allow the operation of the electrical system of the Refuge as well as, when the batteries are fully charged, heat the water for the shower and the sink dishwasher.

Space heating is provided by a thermal chimney which, fuelled by using wood from the turnover of the surrounding forest, heats the water in the radiators and sanitary facilities in tune with the surplus of electricity.

We offer our passionate work and a simple but accurate service in full respect of environment.
Particularly interesting is the history that brings us back to other times when it was necessary the total self-sufficiency and life flowed in harmony with man and nature that surrounded him.

The whole building-complex, dating back to the XVIIth century, consisted of a main building that included a large stable and a hayloft, a residential wing where the owners resided for most of the year and of another hut where cheese and butter were made. At least three other small buildings were located in the valley, where both agricultural and hunting activities were managed. Very evocative the small house of Campei di Mezzo (middle location) now completely ruined, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Lake Garda that we are going to renovate to create a bivouac.

Campei di Fondo and di Mezzo, along with Campei Cima, were part of a system of alpine huts much older, super organized and self-sufficient that allowed the small local community to survive and maintain itself. We have finds of Neolithic caves and sites in the valleys, but the most recent history brings us back to Andreoli family originally from Armo, a small municipality in Valvestino. They were herdsmen who had settled in the XVIIth century in the small village of S. Maria of Navazzo in Monte Gargnano where they started their various activities. At first they bred cattle, then began selling dairy products, thus earning money to buy pastures and woodlands in the region. They bought the house in Campei di Cima, together with Campei di Mezzo e Campei di Fondo and in Campei di Cima in 1602 they built a small chapel dedicated to S. Maria della Neve (our Lady of the Snow).

Every year on August 5th a Mass is celebrated in honour of the Madonna. The small group of houses has been recently renovated and is run by the local Alpine Club of Salò as a Refuge and an educational centre.

The owners of the valley placed at the disposal of the workers and their families the buildings located strategically in the meadows and pastures within walking distance of many springs that flow from the south side of the Mount Pracalvis and Mount Alberelli. The main feature of this system was the opportunity to live there all year round, while normally a pasture is used only during the summer. In Campei Valley a quite good farming was possible : crops of rye, potatoes, barley, fruits and chestnuts, along with cattle and goats and the production of fodder, charcoal and wood for building allowed the families of residents to live in self-sufficiency throughout the year in this valley that also enjoys a microclimate fairly warm and mild. Agricultural products were partly consumed locally and partly sold on the Riviera del Garda where they were transported with the help of mules and wagons pulled by oxen. Our intention is to recover these ancient crafts and to create of a small museum that we will set up in the old dairy toll of Campei di Fondo, in proud memory of the work and the toil of our “old”.

Currently, the Valley is owned and operated by state-owned ERSAF Lombardy Region (through its office in Gargnano) that takes cares and enhances the beautiful forest and wildlife excellence.



Our cuisine is centred on local ingredients and draws inspiration from typical dishes and uses products grown on our farm such as vegetables, olive oil, seasonal fruit (apples, cherries, pears and plums) and berries.

Since we also grow our own meat, we have created delicious recipes using all cuts in respect of the culinary tradition of our region: boiled meat, chops, tenderloin stew, and of course the spiedo bresciano (brescian spit) traditionally served with polenta.

We also serve lake fish we buy from local fishermen. The products we don’t grow on our farm are only purchased from local reliable farmers.

The restaurant is open at lunch and dinner for our guests and for all gourmets who wish to taste our specialities, previous booking.

We serve a light lunch with delicious, quick dishes prepared with fresh products, depending on the season, from our vegetable garden at an excellent quality-price ratio.

We also recommend the best local wines of the nearby Valtenesi.

Once we have reached Scuderia Castello it is possible to reach Rifugio Campei di Fondo either on horse with our guide or drive his own car.

On foot

we can park your car in our parking area and then you follow Via Castello down up to the cross road with Via Camerate, you turn right and you go on for 3 km. You reach an iron bridge that cross Toscolano river. Along the way you can find some panels that indicate Rif. Alpino Campei de Cima: you follow them.
After crossing the bridge you keep walking up for 2 km up to the locality Maernì. You follow the road on your right following Campei de Cima. From here you enter the Valley and following the main road after 2 km you cross a small bridge (locality Ponticella) and go on walking. By the bridge we have two possibilities:

on your right you follow the path dei Cuei  (sentiero  dei Cuei) and you go up along the slopes of the Mount Alberelli up to the beginning of another path marked by the table forestry called “Persenic”. You follow it and in locality Dosso Cavallo, after crossing a small wooden bridge we take the path n. 22 that leads to our Rifugio Campei di Fondo.
You follow the main road for 2 km up to a crossroad that leads to our Rifugio. The crossroad is on your right and you have to cross the green bar which prohibits unauthorized traffic. From here you follow path n. 22 Campei di Fondo e di Mezzo: you can see the indication for our Refuge.

In Auto

starting from Scuderia Castello you drive down the access road for about 100 mt and turn right in front of the complex of terraced houses. You keep to the left down to Via Camerate: then you  turn right into the homonymous valley.

You drive on always keeping along the left side of the river up to the iron bridge that crosses the river. You continue up to the locality Maernì ( already Vie che Spart) and turn right along the Valley up to locality Ponticella (where you find a small bridge). Here we have to stop and park and continue on foot following the above instructions.

It is possible to agree with Scuderia Castello’s staff the transport for the last part of the road by our authorized car.


  • Accommodation in double room with shared bathroom and half board: 40,00 € per person per day
    rinks at meal excluded.
  • Children up to 5 years old: free
  • Children between 6 and 11 years old: 50% reduction
  • Adults in third bed: 30% reduction

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