The Scuderia Castello introduces you a new “blonde”
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The Scuderia Castello is glad to announce it has a new “blonde” on board.
A blonde capable to excite men as well giving women satisfaction.
It is a craft Pils brewed in a limited edition of only two thousand bottles.

Apart from being a beer for connisseurs, The Geese Suite Beer celebrates the 40th anniversary from the release of the debut album of Anthony Phillips, the first world known guitarist of the legendary band Genesis of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

So we suggest all the finest drinkers – and all the Genesis fans – to come visiting us and taste this fantastic “blonde”. You won’t be disappointed.

Then – double business – after having drank the beer we suggest you also to take the bottle with you back home because it has been conceived like an item to collect: its label reproduce the cover of the album The Geese and the Ghost by the illustrator Peter Cross, who has been the first, together with Anthony Phillips, to taste, enjoy and approve the The Geese Suite Beer.

I don’t want to hurry anyone, but the backup is not so great… so hurry! 😉