Local cuisine

Local cuisine

The staff of the Scuderia devotes particular care to traditional local cuisine, paying particular attention to the use of raw materials, most of which are produced by the Scuderia itself. Our vegetable garden offers seasonal vegetables that accompany the main dishes, flavored with aromatic herbs that grow lush thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the area and the favorable location of the Scuderia. For this reason, and on the basis of the ever-more-frequent requests from our customers, we have decided to expand the vegetable garden.

We also produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil, and quality fruit that is made into the jams that are served for breakfast or used to make the cakes available to the guests of the Scuderia. We do not produce the meat we cook, but we get our supplies from selected local farms whose animals are fed with corn flour, and which we regularly control in person in order to offer culinary products of indisputable quality. Our traditional "kitchen of the poor" cuisine allows us to offer tasty dishes based on the respectful use of animals from all points of view. The restaurant also cooks dishes based on lake fish provided by local fishermen who live on Lake Garda. In any case, our offering is always full of food and drinks produced at sites as close as possible, in compliance with the Zero Kilometer philosophy, of which we are enthusiastic adherents. We do our best to satisfy the needs of those who eat exclusively vegetarian: as already mentioned, since we are the producers of most of the vegetables we serve at the table, the task of putting together a meal for faithful vegetarians becomes an added pleasure for us.
Last but not least, we would like to point out one of our most important offerings: our famous Spiedo bresciano (Brescian spit roast) that has earned the Scuderia a couple of official local awards - "Best Brescian Spit Roast" at the 2011 spit roast championship and second place the following year - as well as a popular notoriety that goes well beyond Toscolano-Maderno and its entire surrounding area. .

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The farm

The Scuderia exists in parallel with what one might call its 'sister company': the farm. This is the 'agricultural company' that provides the Scuderia's kitchens with a large part of the raw materials that are used to prepare meals..

The farm produces fruit - pears, apples, plums, etc. - which, when it doesn't find its way straight to the dinner table, is transformed into the jams which complete the bountiful breakfast offering which the Scuderia's customers enjoy. In the same way, the garden at the farm offers plenty of quality vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, pumpkins, beets, lettuce, red and yellow peppers and more. Finally, there are also the olive trees, whose fruits allow us to have a 'homemade' fine quality oil. All are cultivated with the greatest respect for the land and plants: without the use of pesticides or agricultural systems harmful to the fruit and vegetables themselves or to those who consume them. We also raise cattle, whose meat has allowed us to develop a series of recipes that give us the opportunity to use every single part of the animal. In this way, we make tasty and delicious dishes, as well those from the local tradition: boiled meat, ribs, stews, fillet, and, of course, the Brescian spit roast served with polenta. The kitchen also offers fresh and exclusively local lake fish: whenever we don't have the products ourselves, we buy them from neighboring farms, following the Zero Kilometer principle. . . .

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