A 45-minute Class (8 years and up)
20 December 2018
Riding, per person (time: one hour)
20 December 2018
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10-lesson package (8 years and up)


Equestrian Tourism: Beginners

We are proud to initiate curious and beginners to the world of horse riding, using horses that are “safety professionals.”  We can also provide your first riding experience within the ring or inside our fenced areas, in total safety, teaching them to feel the movements of the horse, taking confidence and develop a rapport with the horse, as well as feel your balance on the saddle.
It is also possible to acquire more in-depth knowledge and the rudiments of communication with horses (the so-called body-language).
During our classes, our staff will patiently share this knowledge with you. Classes are booked upon request. A minimum 10-hour package is required.
Classes and ridings are provided by authorized and exert staff in Italian, English, and German


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