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20 December 2018
One-Day Horse Riding, Lunch Included
20 December 2018
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Riding, per person (time: one hour)


Equestrian Tourism: Rider/Horsewoman

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Since our team is specialized in equestrian tourism, excursions mostly take place in the hinterland of the Brescia side of the Garda Lake, along pathways allowing to discover a land full of history and tradition.
We mostly have Maremma horses o crossbreed between Arabian and Maremma ones, specifically trained to safely deal with hard and steep pathways.
The more expert riders will be fully able to appreciate the reliability of our horses in places most people think are not accessible to four-legged animals. We provide unique experiences
Equipment is suitable for the degree of difficulty of the excursion and the relative landscape. Saddle follow the Italian tradition of working horse riding, giving the rider comfort and ensuring an even distribution of weight, allowing the rider to work for na long time and cover big distances, with little or no effort.
We train young horses every year, in order for them to become reliable partners for the safety and piece of mind of our beloved guests. Our guests can also buy our horses, safely relying on the 35 years’ experience of Scuderia Castello and its good name in both equestrian tourism and horse riding.
Oldest horses are “gifted” to people able to guarantee them a suitable place to live and mostly a great treatment for such experienced horses with still a long way to go.
Last but not least, Scuderia Castello offers a “guide and logistics service” (with trailer assistance available upon request) for groups of riders with their own horses, willing to discover the landscape between the Garda and Idro or Garda and Ledro lakes on safe pathways, with no unexpected events o dangerous situations.


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